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Virtual Nerd Back to School Sale

Virtual Nerd, my choice for the best online tutoring program, is offering fantastic back to school 2011 program. The discounts go all the way up to 61% off for a 3-month package of tutoring. If you haven’t heard about them, I encourage you to read my Virtual Nerd review. They have a really slick user interface that goes beyond what other online math tutoring services offer.

Here are the sale prices. Click here to visit Virtual Nerd and take advantage of these special prices while they last.

1 Week
Normally $19, now $9

Normally $49, now $29

Normally $129, now $49

Ed2Go Review

Ed2Go offers quality instruction at an affordable price. Visit Ed2Go and see their latest course offerings. I’ve been studying dozens of reviews of the Ed2Go online classes. It seems pretty clear that there are two competing schools of thought, and from what I’ve read online, the members of those schools are pretty consistent. Students of…’s Physics DVD

To get the best price on Jason Gibson's award winning Math Tutor DVD series, visit the Math Tutor DVD website. Here's another post in my series reviewing Math Tutor DVD. Finally, I'm turning to the sciences. As I've mentioned before, before Math Tutor DVD creator Jason Gibson was churning out this popular series, he was an engineer.…’s Geometry DVD’s

Continuing my series looking at the options available with the sequence of DVD’s, I’m looking at the Geometry DVD. Geometry can be a tough subject for a lot of students. It’s a big change from algebra, involving more visual reasoning and logical thinking. As a result, a lot of parents find their child needs a little extra help with some geometry tutoring.Continue Reading