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Video lesson: Tables on the TI-Nspire

The table feature allows you to quickly scroll the an x vs. y chart on your TI-Nspire. This can be useful as early as first year algebra for students that are just learning to graph. It’s even more helpful to calculus students using their calculator to help find a limit. The end of the video demonstrates a quick method for using the table’s “ask” feature to help find a limit.

You may find a couple of frustrations with tables on the Nspire. The first one is that adjusting column width can be a bit of a pain. That was even a problem in shooting this video. The other problem is more easily solved. If you are trying to switch between the table and the graph, you need to press CONTROL + TAB. That’s also the way to hide the table, since you have to be in graph mode to turn the table off. Switch to the table, go to the menu, and select “Hide table.”

Video lesson: Solving a system of equations with the TI-nspire

When you are given multiple equations and multiple variables, a graphing calculator can be a lifesaver.  Since the introduction of OS 2.0 on the TI-nspire, this is something you can do easily on your calculator.     This video lesson review the “elimination” or “linear-combination” method before going on to explain how to solve these… Continue Reading