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Texas Instruments STEM Behind Hollywood Update

Texas Instruments STEM Behind Hollywood Update

stem behind hollywood forensics

Back the beginning of the school year, I reported on a new Texas Instruments initiative to create engaging classroom materials for the TI-Nspire. These modules brought out the mathematics and science behind popular Hollywood movies themes. TI calls the initiative “STEM Behind Hollywood.”

Since I did the initial post about the first STEM Behind Hollywood module on Zombies, Texas Instruments has rolled out a couple of more modules. The first was “Earth Impact,” a scenario where students examine have to examine how scientists will attempt to change the trajectory of an asteroid on a collision course with earth. You can see TI brand ambassador Mayim Bialik introduce the activity below or head straight to Earth Impact on the TI website here.

Then, just recently, Texas Instruments announced their latest STEM Behind Hollywood Activity. It’s a forensics activity, focusing on a John Doe found decomposing in a field. Once, again, here’s Bialik introducing the activity and the link to the activity at the TI website.

If you missed out on my original post about STEM Behind Hollywood, you can visit the link at the beginning of this post, or just check out the video below, where I share my thoughts on why I was so excited by these well polished activities. They are a terrific resource for math and science teacher and absolutely free.

Top 25 Free Math Resources

Top 25 Free Math Resources

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Suggest Your Math Resources

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TI-Nspire Algebra Formulas Document

This TI-Nspire document has a number of formulas that are useful for algebra. In it you will find formulas for exponents, factoring, the equation of a line, and general formulas such as midpoint, distance, and slope. As with all TI-Nspire documents, it will work on any version of the calculator including TI-Nspire grayscale or CX… Continue Reading

NCTM Lessons on Casio Prizm

As I promised at my presentations at NCTM last week, I am posting the Word files for worksheets I handed out. I know not everyone who stopped by was able to pick up a copy, especially at the second presentation, because by then the crowds had really picked up. Continue Reading

TI-84 StudyCard app

Just wanted to write a quick post about the StudyCard app for the TI-83 plus and TI-84 plus. Got some inquiries about ACT and SAT studycards after I wrote The Top 6 Apps for the TI-84 Plus, and I wanted to talk a little bit more about the app. Continue Reading