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Thanks on the Book Launch

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who helped me promote the book launch. I was thrilled to see TI-84 Plus Tutorials in the top 10 on Amazon’s computers and technology list throughout the weekend. It is so exciting for an self publisher like me to be able to continue doing this. I hope to continue releasing more educational products as time goes by.

Among the many people I’d like to say thanks to:

  • The Math Forum, for sharing the book news on their weekly newsletter. 
  • Everyone who Tweeted about the book, which I know includes @TICalculators, @lilikoi44, @mathteacher24, and @edward_shore. I’m sorry if I missed anyone.
  • Those of you who wrote a review on If you read the book and found it helpful, please consider writing a review when you get a chance. There’s still plenty of time to do so.

Thanks again, everyone!

New Book: TI-84 Plus Tutorials

  Click here to get TI-84 Plus Tutorials on Amazon. I’ve been hinting at it throughout July, but I’m thrilled to officially announce that my next book is finally here. This time, I’m taking a crack at Texas Instruments’ other ridiculously popular graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus. The book is titled, TI-84 Plus Tutorials: TheContinue Reading

(ENDED) TI-Nspire CX Contest Giveaway

(ENDED) TI-Nspire CX Contest Giveaway

Enter the TI-Nspire CX contest giveaway by clicking here. The contest has ended, and the winner was Erica Carnes of Ellicott City, MD. Congrats, Erica, and thanks to all who entered. Please continue to follow Tech Powered Math on Facebook to learn about future contests.   The last month has been exciting for me asContinue Reading

TI-Nspire Tutorials Volume 2: Using the CAS Like a Champion

I am pleased to announce the official release of my second TI-Nspire Tutorials book, TI-Nspire Tutorials Volume 2: Using the CAS Like a Champion. As the title suggests, volume 2 is focused on CAS features. I’m excited to offer it to anyone who wants to learn more about any version of the TI-Nspire CAS, whether youContinue Reading

Nexus 7 Review and Book

Nexus 7 Review and Book

The last month has been absolutely crazy for me, with trips across the country and moving into a new home. However, as the start of the new school year arrives, I hope to pick up the pace again. In the next few weeks, I’m planning to update my calculator recommendations for students, a post onContinue Reading

New Poll Question: Favorite eBook Format

I have a small favor to ask all of you who follow Tech Powered Math. I’ve added a new poll question to the sidebar (you’ll find it in the lower left corner), and it’d really help me out of you could take a couple of seconds to participate. I’m trying to get a handle onContinue Reading

TI-Nspire Tutorials Volume 1 Released

TI-Nspire Tutorials Volume 1 Released

My first eBook is out for the Kindle, and I’m running a promotion that makes it free until Saturday, July 7.Continue Reading

Flexbooks: Free Digital Textbooks

With all of the buzz about iBooks vs. Amazon’s digital books, you may have missed the latest on Flexbooks. Flexbooks are free digital textbooks from CK-12, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to bringing the ideals of the open source movement to education. Essentially, anyone can customize and download a Flexbook on a variety of topics.Continue Reading

Halloween Math

It’s only September, but if you’ve started thinking about Halloween activities for your class, here’s an ebook to check out.Continue Reading

Mental Math

Mental math is one of those skills you either love to show off or dread that you might be forced to use in public. Continue Reading