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TI-Nspire Review

I’ve updated my original review of the TI-Nspire from last fall to include information on the OS 3.0 updates and CX release.Continue Reading

TI-Nspire CX vs. Casio Prizm: It’s Apples and Oranges

The much requested comparison. Warning: If you’re looking for a “winner,” you’ll be disappointed.Continue Reading

Graphing Calculator Buying Guide

In just under 3000 words, a bit of info on almost every graphing calculator ever made.Continue Reading

TI-36X Pro Review

TI-36X Pro Review

A couple of months ago, I was flipping through a math teacher supply catalogue, looking at the pictures of the new TI-Nspire CX and Casio Prizm, when something caught my eye. It was an add for a scientific calculator that I had never seen. “TI-36X Pro Scientifc Calculator with calculus, available soon,” read the headline.Continue Reading

TI-36X Pro Arrives

Still no word on the arrival that everyone is waiting for, the TI-Nspire CX. In the meantime, however, Texas Instruments has provided me with another 2011 Spring arrival to take a look at, the TI-36X ProContinue Reading

Texas Instruments Strikes Back: Announces Color TI-Nspire CX

When I contacted Texas Instruments a few weeks back to ask about an FCC filing TI had made involving WIFI for the TI-Nspire Navigator system, I had no idea that my inquiry would lead me to a web conference with the product line strategy manager for the TI-Nspire, Mark Fry. What was being presented in the blogosphere as a minor improvement to the TI-Nspire’s Navigator system turns out to be much, much more.Continue Reading

TI-73 Explorer Review

If you are looking into Texas Instruments line of graphing calculators, you’ve probably noticed that almost everything but the TI-Nspire ends with an “80-something.” Recently, I’ve reviewed the TI-83 plus, the TI-84 plus, and the TI-89 Titanium. However, there is a noticeable exception to this rule, the TI-73 Explorer. Continue Reading

TI-82 Review

One of the longest running calculators of all time is the Texas Instruments TI-82. The TI-82 has been around since 1993 and has been so popular that Texas Instruments has continued to add features and upgrade it to the TI-83, TI-83 plus, and finally TI-84 plus. I felt like it was time to do a TI-82 review since there’s a lot of confusion out there about this calculator compared to the later calculators like the TI-83.Continue Reading

TI-Voyage 200 Review

Looking for a TI-Voyage cheap? You will get the best price when you buy the TI-Voyage 200 on Probably the most powerful graphing calculator on the market today is the TI-Voyage 200. The TI-Voyage is the phoenix born from the ashes of the TI-92. After a nice run by the TI-92, Texas Instruments decided it neededContinue Reading

Texas Instruments TI-Navigator Review

I got a chance to check out TI-Navigator up close and personal over the weekend as part of the TI User group I’m a part of. Texas Instruments has put together an impressive product here, with far greater capabilities than I was expecting. Essentially, TI-Navigator gives a teacher the ability to connect their computer to an entire classroom of TI-84 plus or TI-Nspire calculators.Continue Reading