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HP Prime Free Smartphone App

HP Prime Free Smartphone App

For those of you haven’t heard the news yet, HP recently released a new free version of the app based on their popular graphing calculator, the HP Prime (review). You can obtain get them on three different platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Just search for “HP Prime Free.” The apps are designed to mimic the functionality of the actual HP Prime. Having taken it for a spin on my Nexus 5X, I can tell you that it feels very much like original graphing calculator with a lot of the same functionality, but as per HP Museum, it is missing some cool apps such as Triangle Solver, Finance Solver, Linear Solver, and Quadratic Explorer, among others. However, it’s got RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), a CAS (computer Algebra System), and the fact that the graphing screen itself is touch screen I love seeing a calculator manufacturer embrace the smartphone ecosystem. If you choose to upgrade to the full functionality of the HP Prime, then there’s a paid version in the app store as well. While I don’t carry my calculators with me from home very often, there are definitely times I wish I had them, and this makes me more likely to increase my use of the Prime. If you are fan of the HP Prime, this is definitely worth the download.

Tap here to get the HP Prime Free on iOS.

Tap here to get the HP Prime Free on Android.

Click here to get the HP Prime Free on Windows 10.

HP SmartCalc 300s Review

I’ve reviewed most of the major graphing calculators on the market, from the TI-Nspire to the Casio Prizm. However, to this point, the only standard scientific calculator I’ve looked at is the TI-30X Multiview. I recently decided to try to add a few reviews of some other non-graphing calculators. Since I’ve looked a lot at Hewlett Packard’s lineup of calculators a lot recently, I thought it made sense to start with an HP SmartCalc 300s review. Continue Reading