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eNotebook iPad App Review

Device: iPad Cost: $4.99 Ages: High school and up I’ve been working with the eNotebook app off and on for a couple of weeks now but haven’t had the chance to write about it until now. eNotebook was developed by a math teacher, Kevin Giffhorn, for students that want the ability to take their notes right on their… Continue Reading

MathBlaster Apps for the iPad

Device: iPad/iPhone Cost: $2.99 Ages: Elementary school through early middle school This post is the start of another “App Week,” so be sure to keep checking back for a couple of more reviews as the week goes along. Last week I posted a video on YouTube about the Math Blaster iPad apps, and I wanted to get a… Continue Reading

Apple and Texas Instruments to Form Alliance

Apple and Texas Instruments to Form Alliance

I’m getting word from a source at Texas Instruments that within the next 24 to 48 hours we can expect to hear an official announcement of a blockbuster alliance being formed with Texas Instruments and Apple. Both companies are going to get significant penetration into an area of the market they previously didn’t have access… Continue Reading

New iPad Announcement

The much awaited iPad 3 was announced today, but apparently it’s not called iPad 3 after all. Instead, it’s the ” new iPad.” Apple seems to want to break with the practice of incremental numbering of their iPads. I can understand the logic (do we really want to talk about the iPad 11 down the road?)… Continue Reading

Infographic: Apple iBooks vs. Textbooks

For the foreseeable future, I’m planning a new segment called “Infographic Thursdays,” where I post an infographic on a topic related to math, education, technology, or some combination of the three. Today, the graphic is on Apple’s iBooks vs. traditional paper textbooks, and as you’ll see, there is some question as to the economics that Apple is… Continue Reading

iPhone Calculator App Giveaway

UPDATE: The contest has ended. Twitter winners @sunian314 @hasama36 @matt1888a and @tsclausing. Facebook winner was Jacob Petefish. You will need to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook to receive your prize code via private message.   I recently reviewed AbleMath, a new graphing calculator for the iPhone/iPod touch. The creators of AbleMath… Continue Reading

AbleMath Graphing Calculator App Review

Device: iPhone Function: Graphing Calculator Cost: $1.99 Ages: High school and up I haven’t taken a look at a graphing calculator app since my old review of the top 6 calculator apps for the iPhone. However, at the request of the developers at AbleMath, I hopped on over the App Store to see what their new AbleMath Graphing Calculator… Continue Reading

TI-Nspire Riemann Sums

In preparation for AP Calculus the other day, I was struggling with how to get the TI-Nspire to work Riemann sums as easily as the TI-84 does, since we typically use a program on the 84. After some time, I had come to the conclusion I’d either have to write a program myself or just… Continue Reading

Big Kid Life Fire Fighter App Review

Devices: iPad, iPhone Topics covered: Numbers, letters, shapes, and basic spelling and arithmetic Cost: $2.99 (but free for a limited time) Ages: 4-7 Big Kid Life Fire Fighter is the second app I’ve had a chance to look at by Fingerprint Digital, a new educational app company. Previously, I looked at Fingerprint Play Maker. Big Kid Fire Fighter… Continue Reading

Fingerprint Play Maker App Review

Devices: iPad Topics covered: Numbers, letters, shapes, and basic spelling and arithmetic Cost: $2.99 (but free for a limited time) Ages: 4-8 A brand new app in the iOS Appstore that I’ve had the opportunity to take a look at over the last week is Play Maker, by Fingerprint. Fingerprint is a new player in the… Continue Reading