Business Opportunities

Product Reviews

Most of the readers I get at Tech Powered Math are interested in my product reviews. If you have a product you would like me to review, I am definitely interested in hearing about it. Products in the $50 and up range seem to generate the greatest interest from readers. I make no guarantees, though. If a product does not impress me, I usually just skip doing a review instead of writing a very negative review. I should also say that I have been inundated with educational app review requests the last couple of years, and I’ve had to limit the number of app reviews.

Sponsored Post Policies

In order to protect my readers, myself, and any sites interested in purchasing a sponsored post, I have the following policies for sponsored posts.

  • Sponsored posts will begin with a sentence that says, “This is a sponsored post.”
  • All links in a sponsored post will be “nofollow.”
  • All content must be original. I will check with Copyscape.
  • Content from the individual or organization purchasing the post may be self promotional, but it should still relate in some way to a product or service in the fields of mathematics, education, or technology, as those are the subjects of this website.
  • All content must be in grammatically correct, well edited English. If English is not your native language, you will need to pay someone to do the editing for you.
  • I will not sell a sponsored post spot for less than $100.

I realize that these are fairly stringent policies, but frankly, I’m not really all that interested in selling sponsored posts.

Guest Posting Policies

Under just the right conditions, I would consider a guest post. In this case, I would allow a regular “dofollow” link or two. If you are going to contact me about a guest post, please include the following.

  • Give me a link to your current website/blog. I want to see a sample of your writing.
  • Give me a short proposal of what would be included in your guest post.
  • Keep in mind that while it’s fine to mention what you do, unlike a sponsored post, I would expect that a guest post to not be overly self-promotional. You should be writing something that will in some way contribute on its own to my website. Again, it should be a topic of interest either in the field of mathematics, education, or technology.

Freelance Work

I have done freelance work in the past and would consider doing it again in the future. I have skills in writing, video editing, SEO, WordPress, and more. Please feel free to contact me if something on Tech Powered Math has sparked your interest and seems as though it would align with a project you are embarking on. You may also want to check out my LinkedIn profile.